After graduation in 1976, Dr.Arup started his career as a Dental Surgeon under the Ministry of Health, Government of Bangladesh and served in different district hospitals. He started health education programs in different electronic media like radio, television and published articles on dental health & tobacco hazards in national daily newspapers. Dr. Choudhury formed an NGO known as MANAS in 1989 on tobacco control and drug abuse Prevention .He Presented 38 scientific papers in international seminars and published 11 books on Dentistry, AIDS, Tobacco hazards, Diabetes & Drug abuse .At present He is a member of National Drug Control Board and National Tobacco Control Task Force of Bangladesh Government.

Professor Arup Ratan Choudhury’s research & clinical works is focused on the management, treatment & prevention of medically Compromised patients. He has published many scientific papers and international presenter with on output of over 38 scientific papers presentation in international Seminars and published 11 books as author. His teaching activity includes lecturing and examining graduate & post graduate medical & Dental students of Bangladesh.

Following a distinguished academic Career and having been awarded the WHO “Tobacco or Health” Award Dr. Choudhury retired from the post of Head of Dentistry BIRDEM in 2012 and is returning to his chair as Honorary Senior Consultant of Dentistry & Hon- project Director of Ibrahim Dental College. He has presented over 38 scientific papers in international Congress meetings and authored 11 books. Dr. Choudhury is the past vice president of Bangladesh Dental Society (1998) .He is the Member of the IADR( International Association for Dental Research ) , ADA( American Dental Association ) , FDI ( Federation Dental International ) , and IDF( International Diabetes Federation ) .
Dr. Choudhury became the Member of the National Drug Control Board and National Task force for Tobacco Control Board since 2001.
Dr. Choudhury is professionally a Dental Surgeon but he voluntarily works in other two fields, like in media and involvement with his organization MANAS for the Drug Abuse prevention and anti-tobacco movement in Bangladesh for the last 24 years.
After attending a Drug Abuse Prevention Program in USA under the sponsorship of USIS of American Government, he organizes an association namely MANAS “Association for the Prevention of Drug Abuse” in 1989. He is the Founder President of this association. He also includes TV and film stars in this organization with whom he uses to visit educational institutions of the country for the awareness among the students those are the victim of the circumstances (smoking and drug addiction). Dr. Choudhury is the first person that has taken the step to involve the celebrities in this campaign program. MANAS regularly visit all the educational institutions for student’s awareness. Dr. Choudhury is also organize tobacco cessation intervention programs in his working hospital BIRDEM (WHO Collaborating Center) where he is the Hon. Senior Consultant and Professor of the department of dentistry and motivates patients to quit smoking and smokeless tobacco habits. Dr. Arup Ratan Choudhury demonstrated consistent excellence in tobacco control in Bangladesh since 1984. His first initiation was taken in 1984 when he started a regular TV program on “Tobacco or health” related to disease and smoking and smokeless tobacco. Dr. Choudhury is also conducting a “Tobacco Cessation Intervention Program” since 1987 in many of the hospitals of the country. All his activities along with his organization showing an excellence in tobacco control program in Bangladesh because he seems to be a socially committed person. Dr. Arup Ratan Choudhury is a role model for anti-drug and anti-tobacco movement in Bangladesh. As a reputed dental surgeon of the country he is working not only for the treatment and management of his patients but also giving much of his time in smoking cessation intervention program for the peoples.

Dr Arup Ratan Choudhury is an exception achiever, specialist dental surgeon, humanist, media compare as well as a noted singer of Bangladesh. Who has devoted his life to the service of mankind, was born in 1952. He has shown a remarkable contribution in management of medically compromised patients and scientific research during the last 25 years .As a Dentist -cum social worker, Dr Arup Ratan Choudhury splits his time in Bangladesh between studying Dental disease in Diabetics and doing the works of anti tobacco movements and drug abuse.
Dr Choudhury is a versatile genius and one of the popular television radio performer and presenter of health education program and vocal singer in Bangladesh since 1971 and frequently appears on Bengali television and radio programs. He has made his mark in the society by combining professional zeal with social reform movements and has become a noted personality in the field of Dental science and social activism. The most remarkable and tremendous achievement of Dr AR Choudhury is receiving the International Award from World Health Organization (WHO) –“Tobacco or Health “ Medal in recognition of his concept of Tobacco free Society. He has been selected “Man of the Year-2000” by the “American Biographical Institute” on his outstanding accomplishment to date and the noble example he has set for his peer and entire community. He obtained BDS from Dhaka University, WHO Fellowship from London University (England) in Dental public health in 1982-83, PhD from Dhaka University in Dentistry and nutrition 2000, Research Fellowship in Oral Biology and pathology from State University of New-York at Stony-Brook, NY, USA-1992-93.
Apart from his professional activities some of his performance in a lead starring or critical role for organization or establishment with distinguished reputations. As a starring –Performed songs of novel laureate poet Rabindra Nath Tagore in the country and Bengali community during his visit in UK and USA and some parts of Asia. He has released Six volumes of CD and audio cassettes on his work on Tagore songs and another new Album is coming very soon in the market .He is regularly presenting songs in the national medias like Television and Radio and enlisted as Special Grade Singer in Bangladesh National Broadcasting media Radio/TV and private TV channel and Radio.