Statement of work achievement accomplishment of Performance of Professor  Dr. ArupRatan Choudhury

 Dr. Arup Ratan Choudhury is one of the pioneers in Bangladesh for anti – tobacco movement. His contribution for raising public awareness on Oral cancer & Dental diseases as well as  consequences and hazards for using tobacco ,  mobilizing policy maker for enacting a law by the Government  of Bangladesh for tobacco control , and to establish a drug free society are noteworthy . Versatile , charismatic  characteristics  and innovators  Dr. Choudhury wrote scripts and directed two short films ( Nesha  Sarbonasha – Dangers of Addiction ; and Srinkholay Jibon- Discipline is Life for Diabetes Prevention ) on  dangers of tobacco use and related disease like diabetes, hypertension  and heart disease , and Oral  cancer. With the financial assistance of Ministry of Home Affairs, these two films are airing on different television channels (public and private) regularly, which has been created mass awareness.

Dr. Choudhury is also a member of National Drug Control Board and National Task force for tobacco Control and has been playing active role in prevention of drug abuse. He started his activities initially for Dhaka and later on, eventually extended the anti- tobacco campaign throughout Bangladesh.  He is  the founder –President of ‘ MANAS ’ –  Association for the prevention of Drug abuse  established in 1989, which works  to  fight against tobacco and drug abuse , and  implementing prevention programs through educational  institutions  and printings and electronic  Media .

There is a little scope as a dentist to reach mass population for sharing information on health and education. But Dr. Choudhury as a dentist has made significant contribution in disseminating messages by organizing health education programs through  media like television , radio and newspapers that sensitized  and motivated people against tobacco use , and created a public sentiment in ‘giving up smoking tobacco/drugs  for a healthy life`.

It may be mentioned here that with his personal initiatives and efforts 200 schools and colleges are now named as ‘Smoke Free Institutions` in the capital city and around   .  In his flawless efforts to fight against tobacco and drug abuse, Dr, Choudhury wrote 11(Eleven) books on related subjects specially on dentistry .These books were distributed in different educational institutions , organizations in Bangladesh through Ministry of Education and Cultural  Affairs .

He dreams to build a network to work on dental health anti tobacco activities and prevention of drug abuse in Bangladesh, in order to save future generation from the deadly diseases like Oral diseases, education, cancer and heart diseases.